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Reddy is a simple, all-in-one service for producing and selling custom products.

You design, we take care of the rest.

We handle production, shipping, payments and even customer service, while you can focus solely on creating and selling your own products.

  • Setting up your own shop takes just minutes and it is totally free.
  • When products are sold, you make money. If no products are sold, there is NO COST.
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How it works

1. Open your shop

Create your artwork and bring them to life in real products. Getting started only takes minutes.

Yes we have timed it!

2. Choose your products

Sell t-shirts, hoodies, posters, you name it. Add custom products to your online shop in just a few clicks.

We let you set the price for your products.

3. You are Reddy!

Promote your shop and watch your profits roll in.

We take care of all the rest and deliver the payments for sales for you monthly.

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Everyone is Reddy

Bands, schools, influencers, sports teams, businesses and more. We make it easy to engage your community through selling custom goods, all created by you. Reddy is the go-to-choice for selling whether you are an individual, company or an organization

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On-demand production, curated sustainable product range, environment friendly production and recycled plastic packaging. Plus we offset the carbon footprint of each and every order.

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Setting up and running your shop is easy and completely free.

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